Thank Yous


I used to work in publishing and it has always struck me that at the front or back of a book there is usually a page or two of ‘acknowledgements’ to thank to everyone who has helped the author emotionally or practically (usually emotionally) to get the book written. Everyone knows that writing a book is challenging, not least because of the long hours spent working alone. There are many things in life that are no less challenging – training for a marathon, writing a PHD, raising a child and, of course, setting up your own business but it’s rare to find a section of a business website thanking the people who’ve been helpful on the journey. So I thought I’d change that 😊

This is a crucial reminder to myself when I’m feeling alone and exhausted that many people have gone above and beyond to show their support. This is roughly in date order! It’s impossible to keep in touch with everyone or to repay all the favours but I want you all to know that I will always remember and I do appreciate what you have given me and I will also be sure to pay it forward (or perhaps I have already paid for some of it in the past!)

I am yet to meet a married woman who has never complained about her husband and if you know me personally you’ll know that I can be among the best of them but let me say this. Simon Hearn has never ever complained about my life choices, has kept us going financially over the last 2 years, is a brilliant co-parenting buddy and willing to pitch in with everything for Third Space Canteen (graphic design, excel spreadsheets, sous-chef, transport donkey, vision and strategy consultation, general sounding board and website support), for keeping quiet when he “can’t do anything right” and ensuring a good supply of emergency chocolate. Thank you and I love you.

Jane Barrett who runs the Career Farm podcast. For a good few years and before Third Space Canteen was even a twinkle in my eye, my main source of inspiration and motivation was her wonderful podcast “Mission Driven Entrepreneurs” (it now has a different name). Her interviews with social entrepreneurs taught me so much and to some extent prepared me for the tough times. Thank you

Jenny McIntosh simply for being super enthusiastic about the idea right at the beginning. Thank you

Sophie West for calling me regularly when I was a new Mum. I do remember. Thank you

Nicci Rodie for all the nice things you’ve said. I especially remember something like this “of all the people I know who could do something like this, you’re the most likely to make it happen”. And I know this is because of our adventures with a certain project back in the day! Thank you

Tree Shepherd for the business course you ran for free. In particular thank you to Colin Crooks for being enthusiastic when I presented the initial idea and thank you to Anita Thorpe for being so wise, straight-talking but encouraging and also giving the odd hug when needed. I learned so many valuable lessons from it and I can still draw on your knowledge now. Thank you

Kate Hofman for being one of Third Space Canteen’s biggest champions, offering advice and wisdom, ideas and contacts. For being one of the people who truly ‘get it’ for being a good friend and fellow Mum and just really encouraging. (Are you going to Malmo?) Thank you

Mai Dlg for getting me through those early days with a baby. Thank you

Emma Uys for hosting the first ever supper club. Your optimism and advice are literally the reason why it got started in the first place.  You said something like “you have to just do it even if it’ll only be you and me at dinner. The important thing is to get started otherwise you’ll keep cancelling forever”. You opened your home and took a risk. You probably don’t even think of this as a big deal, but a lot of people would not be so open. Thank you

Emma Lee just for being a brilliant friend and understanding the importance of showing some support. You and your two friends were the first ever customers at a supper Club. You hardly knew me back then and you’re a busy person yourself but you made an effort. Since then you’ve said so many kind things and I don’t think I could have got to this stage without your friendship. Thank you

Bindu Viswanathan and Anureet Randhawa, the two friends who came along with Emma Lee. The evening was probably not very eventful for you but it was my first ever event and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you

Alex Shimmings for galvanising the troops and bringing a whole party to my second ever supper club. We thought we’d cancel it but when you said you were coming and bringing 4 other people with you, we quickly got ready to host! Thank you

Bianca Mungalsingh for generally being very encouraging, not only to me but all parents starting businesses and for your Facebook group :) Thank you

Stephen Dunn and Carolyn Lyndsay for hosting Supper Clubs in your beautiful homes. You did this out of the kindness of your hearts and I am so grateful. Thank you

Greg Ivison for doing a brilliant job at all of my Supper Clubs and for being kind. As soon as you arrive, I know I can trust you as a safe pair of hands and this really makes a big difference. You’re also much more laid-back than me and it does have a positive effect on the night. Thank you

Clayton Fussell for coming to a Supper Club, for giving me some advice about the website and giving me a contact or two. Also being a decent person in general and a good friend. Thank you

Rachel Staunton for hosting a ‘testing ideas’ session at your house. It was your suggestion and you had loads of ideas. I wasn’t able to implement any of them but I liked them and your enthusiasm meant a lot to me. Thank you

Sara Smith at the Craftsman Café for being so open and allowing us to host a Supper Club. How this happened – I just walked in one day and asked you. I was amazed you said yes. Thank you

Mandy Cunningham for babysitting, visiting us in the early days of being a new family, for all your kind words, for showing so much enthusiasm about Leo and about Third Space Canteen. You’ve been to two Supper Clubs and you were my first ever regular customer at the Canteen. Thank you

Emma Pratt for babysitting, for visiting us in the early days of being a new family and for showing your support at my Supper Club. Thank you

Fran Harris, Jan Hearn and Teresa Ivison for, between you, providing childcare for about 1 day a week in our pre-nursery days. Actually invaluable. Thank you

Fran Harris (my Mum), travelling from Peterborough to London pretty regularly to babysit, it has been amazing. Thank you

Jan Hearn (my Mum-in-law) for travelling from Reading to London pretty regularly to babysit. It has been amazing. Thank you

Claire Godfrey (my sister) for your very thoughtful Christmas present 😊 Thank you

Diana Batchelor and Jonathan Smith for generally saying so many nice things about Third Space Canteen, for coming along to a Supper Club and bringing a friend and coming along to the Canteen trial. Also for babysitting. You’re amazing. Thank you

Supper Club Guests over the first few months (and huge apologies for anyone I’ve missed off the list): David Rowlands, Suzanna Gwyn-Thomas, David Watkinson, Angela Watkinson, Rachel King, Jenny McIntosh, Clayton Fussell, Lindsay Mace, David (Jenny’s brother), Marissa, Alison Jones, Erin & Andy, Anna Edwards, Carly Taylor, George Whyte-Venables, Wendy Langworthy, Sheila Skiebe, Helen Thuy Bui, Ruben Alburquerque, Kim Huong, Frances Ryan, Alex Furey, Katherine Leppard, Neil Owens, Shira Johnson, Annie Streater, Deborah Galgano, Enzo Galgano, Katie Collom, Christine Oettinger, Sara Smith, Ben Parry. You all came because it was a nice evening out but I also know you came in order to support the new enterprise. Thank you

Kate Chubb for some brilliant words of advice and most amazingly allowing me to run my “trial Canteen” for free in March 2018. It was amazing and I am still astounded that you were so open and willing to let me do this. It was a really key time in terms of gaining local support for the Canteen. Thank you

Ira Stevens for coming to visit when we were a new family, for helping me run the trial of the Canteen, for running a Supper Club with me and for being super enthusiastic about it Third Space Canteen in general.

My fellow echo ‘colleagues’ photographers Fred Agbah, Ilyas Ayub and Oli Monks, plus “Mike from 3 in 1 SEO” for just being a good egg. Thank you

Mark Breen for lending me some ramekins so that I had enough to make 24 pannacottas! Thank you

Marie McGuire, a lovely fellow Mum who always has something nice to say and I know you’ve championed Third Space Canteen and told your friends about it and you’ve even linked me up with someone I might work with in the future! Thank you

Deborah Galgano, Eszter Borbiro and Ellie Wainwright. When everyone I knew from ‘maternity leave’ went back to work I met you (I found my people!!!) and I’m so glad for your friendship. Thank you

Shona Chambers of Space @61. She’s something of a legend amongst Peckham-based local businesses. Everything you do for local business is very much appreciated and very inspiring too. Thank you

Mike Meehan at The Secret Goldmine. Not only did you allow me to hold a Supper Club at your venue, you were an absolute star in terms of pitching in to help on the night. I certainly didn’t expect it and I will always be grateful. Now you’re letting me run my Canteen at the Secret Goldmine. I couldn’t have gotten started without someone being willing to give a little bit more than that are going to get so I will always be grateful. Thank you

Jonny Rushton for looking at my business plan and giving me some really good advice.

Laura Taborn and Kathy Adams for coming along to the trial of the Canteen and then also signing up later on. Special thanks to Laura for making the effort with a 4-week old baby and to Kathy for also providing accountancy advice. Thank you

And anyone else that I’ve forgotten who has ever had a kind word to say about Third Space Canteen. However small you think it is, it really means a lot to me. I guess my point is, don’t wait till someone “needs support”. Support is always needed and always appreciated, whoever you are and I'm sure this list will be a whole lot longer in the future. Thank you