Test Trading

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Hey You! 

Here’s an exciting opportunity to be involved in a brand new sustainable food start-up company! We are experimenting with ideas and would like your feedback.

Third Space Canteen is an evening canteen offering healthy, home-cooked meals using ethically sourced ingredients. It's for people who care about good food but don't have the time to cook. There's also a social side. The Canteen will be membership-based with members paying a monthly fee for a set number of visits per month. This means the same people will return again and again so it'll feel like a club based around your everyday evening meal.

We currently run Supper Clubs as a way of getting started but in MARCH we are very excited to announce that we’ll be TEST TRADING!

What does this mean?!

The Canteen will be open for 2 evenings a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) throughout March and meals will cost a fraction of the usual price. (£4 per meal instead of £10) This is a way for us to try out the logistics and iron out issues before we open for real.

Why should you get involved?

This is a great opportunity to be the first to try a new kind of lifestyle. Healthy sustainably-sourced evenings meals where you can get to know people in your local community (whether you work or live in the area)

What we need from you:

  • Genuine honest feedback and openness to being part of an experiment. Not everything will be perfect. We may ask you to fill in the odd survey but mainly just talk to us.
  • Commit to eat at the canteen at least 3 times over the month (The Craftsman Cafe on Abbey Street in Bermondsey)
  • It’ll help if you enjoy meeting new people
  • Help us test out the booking system on the website and provide feedback