As a new start-up cash is in short supply for hiring staff and these roles below are not available immediately. However, if you like the sound of Third Space Canteen and what we stand for, please get in touch and talk to me if you think you have the right skills and have something useful to offer. Email: You can also sign up to our collaborators mailing list.

Echo Trading

One of the things that has helped me set up Third Space Canteen is a fantastic organisation called Echo. Echo stands for 'Economy of Hours' and is a skill-swapping website aimed at (but not exclusively for) entrepreneurs. It's free to join and anyone can sign up. Swap your skills/time for points (called 'echoes') and spend your points with other people. Some of the things I have seen offered are massage, photography, life-coaching, web-building skills, teaching languages and so many more. So some of these jobs below are available as a skill-trade rather than for financial reward.  I'm currently offering meals for free in return for points but if you did some of the jobs below and earned echoes, you wouldn't necessarily have to spend your points with me. If you don't have an Echo account but would like to trade, please sign up here.


Help with leafleting around Bermondsey or other areas where there are Supper Clubs. This could include coming along with me (it's a lonely job and company is always welcome!) or taking leaflets to local establishments.

This role is available as an echo skill-trade. 1 echo for every hour of your time.


Supper Clubs have been the biggest part of Third Space Canteen so far. I would like to concentrate on setting up the regular Canteen and as such would like some help managing the Supper Clubs. If this could be you, please let me know.

This role is available as an Echo skills-trade. 1 Echo for every hour of your time.

Event Planning

Research & Admin

Research on sustainable food and helping to set up meetups and events for my Sustainable Food Meetup Group.

This role is available as an Echo skill-trade. 1 Echo for every hour of your time.

Support the Canteen by planning the menu and organising the food each night. TBC paid employment

Catering Manager

Help me file my end of year accounts and set up payroll.

Accountancy Advice and Bookkeeping

Help and advice with all aspects of running a business from someone who has done it before. This role is voluntary.

Business Advice Mentor

We are always looking for chefs to cook up a feast for our supper clubs. We welcome all levels of experience and are very much open to collaborations. You'd need to share the same sustainable food values as us.