I started Third Space Canteen because when I tried to buy food with the planet in mind, I found it so difficult to a) understand what that meant and b) actually buy this food in a convenient way. But I had an idea that would help people to eat better.

That aspect of convenience is still missing from the equation but I do better now because I have bit more flexibility (note - not time! 😂) as a mainly stay at home mum.

And don't even get me started on how confusing it is. There are some principles that help - don't waste food, eat fewer animal products, choose local, seasonal, organic, fairtrade, buy food without packaging and look for certification on your fish. But once you start reading up on things you'll soon discover that things don't fall into these nice little categories and no one single principle will ever help you get it right. It's nuts but research shows it's better to shrink wrap cucumbers, to buy your lamb from New Zealand and that almond milk is definitely not the answer.

I don't think individuals should have to think THIS much about their food shopping so I want to help. I'm in no way an expert, but how about you join me on this journey, we'll discover things together and perhaps build up an enterprise that makes it easier for people to eat better. What do you think? Follow @thirdspacecanteen on here or on twitter (@3SCanteen) for updates, like my Facebook page (@thirdspacecanteen), sign up to the newsletter, come to a supper club! Here is a link to the listings.

Nicola Hearn