Third Space Canteen
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We host weekly, sustainable meals in Bermondsey and one off supper clubs in locations across London. We are open to all - bringing together community and spreading knowledge and love about sustainable, locally sourced food. 

Eat Together

Third Space Canteen is about bringing together people who care about the planet. 

Every week we source sustainable food, to make meals we serve in a social space and sit down to share our knowledge together, talk, laugh & bond over food.


Our weekly canteen is at the heart of our vision. We believe meals are a powerful and natural way of socialising and increasing overall wellbeing. So we bring together local, seasonal and organic ingredients with an abundance of veggies and create meals that are delicious, varied and easy to recreate at home. Then we place them in the heart of Bermondsey. Every Monday, open to all.

At Third Space Canteen, we want to remove the effort and confusion around choosing sustainable options and aim to provide a space where people feel excited and empowered to make more conscious decisions in their everyday lives. 

Our supper clubs partner with some of the most exciting chefs and companies in London to create nights to remember.